Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wait...FSU just threw another interception..wait..

I like many of you bought into the hype, I allowed myself to think that even though Florida State Seminoles had played subpar opponets thus far it was only the begining. Well folks they had their first true test, and they failed miserably. They had seven turn overs and five of those being interceptions, let us not forget the eleven plus penalties. This "dag gum" team has lost to Wake Forest yet again and let me tell you if it were not for the tenacity of our defense and the lack of Wakes ability to Dominate in the red zone, the score would have not been 12-3 but 50-3 Wakes average starting field position was our thirty yard line and yet they only managed twelve points. I hope the offense and all other critics recognize how good our defense is again this year. You cannot expect a defense to be on the field for all of the plays and with no help from the other side of the ball, I however do not believe all is lost. I mean it is only the third game and our first test, you can't fail someone this early into the season. Let us not forget last years debacle however and hope that maybe the next time FSU takes the field against Colorado they can get some type of quality offensive help, other wise it will be another hard year to swallow and a very tired and frustrated defensive squad. O well lets get to Jacksonville next week and turn it that saying is just getting really old around here isn't it!??

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