Saturday, July 26, 2008

The other "Dark Night"

I was sitting in the dark alone, waiting for the end to come to this tired soul. I'd been abandoned by those who I thought were dedicated as I. Moment after moment I fought to go on, though fatigue was settling in, and was sure each time I could go easy into the night. And finally as I could take no more, my edurance had not forsaken the fifthteenth inning the All-star game came to an end. I had done what only a few were inspired to do, stay up all night watching a game that knew no end and didn't care that we had to get up early the next day for work. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

It wasn't the most offensively explosive outing we had ever seen, but it had all the dynamics we baseball purists have come to love, timely hits and great defense when required. There have been a lot of mixed thoughts about how long and how ridiculous such a game that essentially means nothing to the season as a whole. But did you not enjoy the fact that their where bases loaded or either a runner in scoring position on several occasions, with a play at the plate with each ground ball or pop fly. It was exciting to watch the game transcend from a pitchers duel to a defensive battle, it was baseball as we all grew up playing. Sure it almost became a disaster when each side came down to their last pitcher and might of had to put in a fan from the stands to finish the game, but would you really want a repeat of the joke that was...a tie ballgame called by the Commissioner himself?

I would like to see the pitching roster expanded so that we don't see this again, if a guy has pitched that close to the All-star game prior and isn't supposed to pitch then give each side the ability to retain more help in the bullpen. There are great many players who don't get selected to the game that would or should be voted in by the coaches as alternates, its what we did in Little League and beyond. I would not want to see a set inning or time frame to end such drama as we , or I had the priveledge to witness.

It was a fitting end to the Yankee Stadium era, a long night and all the right reasons to be happy you were there when the last run crossed the plate. There are a few things in life that we wish could last forever, seeing the last All-star game in the hallowed Yankee park is one of them. If you didn't get that then in some way you don't get the tradition of the game of baseball. It's being called into the house by your Mom late at night and not wanting to as a child, it's about the first time you went to a real game and wished you could stay forever, and finally it's about seeing your team pull through even though every bottom inning you were told " it aint' over till the fat lady sings,"... folkes she not only sang, she danced and cried and made us smile!!

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