Monday, July 7, 2008

Win or's Brett Farve

Brett Farve... coming or going again? I don't care which team you route for you as a fan want this guy to come back. It's like when Jordan retired and came back only to win more championships, of course you want this guy on your team. I know its a PR nightmare, you do not want to be the franchise to kick its hero to the curb, it however has been done before. Just think back to the 49ers of the Joe Montana, Steve Young era. Montana went to play for the Chiefs, with moderate success. I don't think that the Packers have that QB waiting in the mist, like a Steve Young. They claim to need to move on, but when do you move on is the problem. I love the Denver Broncos, and the Miami Dolphins...can you name their championship years after their number ones retired?? When Elway left the game the Broncos were coming off back to back Superbowl victories, without Elway the running game was their only focus, the great Terrell Davis lost his ability to play tackling a player out of bounds after an interception. The Miami Dolphins stayed pat with Jay Feidler, hoping he could be a quarter of the great Dan Marino, how'd that work out? The Dolphins haven't been close to the hunt on offense since Dan took center stage at his Hall of Fame induction , and they showed past video performances.

The Packers have to be careful, on one hand Brett could probably take them back to the playoffs and maybe closer still to the Superbowl. However if they wait one more year and only get to the door and not even knock then will it be a failure. I believe that when a player has given what these three icons have to an organization that they should be able to call it quits when they feel its time and not when the team need to move on, after all they were one ice bowl game away from the Superbowl. You have an unproven QB waiting to take the snap, but is every other facet of your team as ready. If Rodgers struggles and the newly found running game falters, what have you left then, nothing but what if and could have. Forget about the direction of the now and focus on the duty to win now, is he your best option or isn't he. Have The Packers soured on the antics every year of wether to retire or not, that too could be there hesitation. I hope that they will be able to look past that aspect and look to what it will take to lead them where every other team would love to be, one game away from a chance at greatness and not just on archives.
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