Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tennis embodies the spirit of a champion.

It was a banner weekend for tennis, both for the women and the men. Taking center stage yet again the sisters Venus and Serena had another show down that did not disappoint, you could feel the power and speed through the televison being displayed. Venus taking the singles title and then both combining for the doubles title. I hope that when little girls see the dominace that women have in this sport that they feel as compelled as these two to get involved and know that there is a future that can be obtained through hard work and the desire to compete on the highest of levels.

As for the men, the story was pure electric as one of tennis' greats fell for the first time in five consecutive Wimbledons. Rafael Nadal was able to endure the challenge of beating Roger Federer in what can only be described as a fight to the finish. Both would only go down swinging and in the end history was shattered and made at the same time. On one hand history was prevented by Federer not gaining his sixth straight title. But not to be outdone was Nadal beating perhaps one of the greatest wimbledon tennis players in recent history and in return making a little history himself by becoming only the second Spainard to win the Wimbeldon crown.

All in all it gives way to focus on the upcoming events with high expectations not only for these four but for the up and comers waiting to make their mark in the sport. Truely tennis is one of the great arenas to witness strength, power and finese. Most of all the mind skill needed to endure the challenge faced when two titans meet face to face and the body gives more than it ever could have expected to...mind and body and spirit..the mark of a champion.

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